Solarized Light is much nicer for me to use than the default PuTTY color scheme.

Combined with a couple of other changes, it gives me a nice layout in PuTTY.

PuTTY stores its settings in the Windows Registry.  So, to apply Solarized Light to a session:

  1. Back up your registry settings using Regedit’s export utility.
  2. Create a PuTTY session in the usual way, and save it.
  3. Place the below in a text file with a .reg file extension.
  4. Replace FOO%20BAR on line 3 with the PuTTY session name (spaces are %20).
  5. Double-click the .reg file to launch the Registry Editor, which loads the values.

See below:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00  
; Replace "FOO%20BAR" with the PuTTY session name you would like to modify.  

; Color options  

; Solarized light color scheme  

; 256 color support  

; UTF-8 character support  

; Consolas 12pt ClearType font  

; Windows style copy-and-pasting (right click to paste)  

; Scrollback buffer set to 2000 lines  

; Seconds between keepalives set to 59  

; Mouse pointer hides while typing  

; Initial window size set to 80x40  

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